Which parts of WVD is managed by Microsoft?

Windows Virtual Desktop is a Managed RDS environment provided by Microsoft. It supports the traditional RDS Server multi-session, single session client OS such as Windows 10 and Windows 7 and also the new multi-session Windows 10 OS.

A common question is Which parts of WVD is managed by Microsoft? And which parts are managed by you?

The WVD Architectural Overview table below shows the breakdown of responsibilities.

Microsoft will provide the RDS WebAccess, Diagnostic Tools, the RDS Gateway and the RDS Broker. It will so provide the Azure SQL DB that is sitting transparently on the background.

Your responsibilities will be Managing the endpoint that connects to the Windows Virtual Desktop service, the Virtual Machines running on WVD, Identity (Azure AD, Active Directory) and FSLogix (User profiles).

It is also your responsibility to manage applications.

You can test WVD by signing up to a free Azure account.

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