This site has coupons! New Microsoft Edge feature

I use the new Microsoft Edge browser for everything and don’t rely on any other browser for any task, it is trully awesome!

Today, I was browsing the net looking to develop a new skill. Looking at courses, coding and musical instrument lessons. I decided to explore the route of Game Development since I can learn C# while being creative.

I came across this wonderful website which is a goldmine for people starting in game development.

One of the articles pointed me to a Udemy course on Unity and something very interesting happen. Edge automatically found coupons for me to use on the site!

I was pretty impressed since I tend to select well the add-ons I install in my browsers and “Honey” would not be one that I would go for, since it is, most likely, collecting and monitoring your behaviour all the time. But if Edge native finds coupons, I welcome the idea!

You can quickly see if something is available as it will display a blue tag next to the URL inside the address bar field.

A great feature that will attract the attention on consumers. I am pretty sure there will be soon a policy to disable it for Enterprise environement. In the mean time, happy shopping!

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