Microsoft Entra – Identity heaven

If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking, “Another identity management system? Do we really need yet another one?” But before you go dismissing Microsoft Entra outright, here are some of the features that may make you want to take a second look:

Entra is built by Microsoft. This means that it integrates well with other Microsoft products (Office 365, Azure AD, etc.) and has a familiar user interface.

Entra also offers many features that aren’t found in other identity management systems. For example, Entra includes a self-service password reset tool that allows users to reset their passwords without contacting IT. This can be a lifesaver when users lose their passwords or when they need to reset them for security reasons.

Entra also offers a mobile app which allows users to access their account information from anywhere. This is great for employees who need to check their email or access files while on the go.

Finally, Entra is priced competitively compared to other identity management systems. For example, the basic edition of Entra costs $3 per user per month, compared to $6 per user per month for Azure AD Basic.

So if you’re looking for an identity management system that is easy to use, feature-rich, and affordable, Microsoft Entra may be the solution for you.

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