Managing devices with Microsoft Endpoint Manager – Part 10

When a user enroll a device into the Intune for management, It provides admins with a wide range of management options, such as force password policies, disable backup to cloud, remote lock, remote wipe, etc.

To enroll an iOS device, perform the following steps on an iOS device connected to the internet:

  • Open Apple Store and search and install Microsoft Intune Company Portal
  • Open the Intune Company Portal and sign in with the user’s login credentials that were added to the Intune directory and click Sign In
  • On Setup access, click Begin
  • On Device Management and your privacy, click continue
  • On Download management profile, click Continue
  • When prompted to install the Management profile, click Allow and enter the iOS passcode (if it has been configured)
  • Open Settings and select Profile Downloaded
  • On Install profile, click Install and Install again
  • On the warning page, select Install and on the Remote Management, click Trust and then Done.
  • On the Company portal, click Continue now
  • On the Setup access, if everything was done correctly, a green checkbox will be seen on items 1, 2 and 3. click Continue

Note: The device will make its initial compliance check and it can take few seconds or minutes.

Validating Device Enrollment (via iOS)

To validate the iOS Enrollment, perform the following steps on the enrolled device:

  • Open Settings, click General and then Profiles and confirm that the Management Profile exist
  • Open company portal and confirm that the iOS exist under devices

Note: If the device is not managed, a Red Exclamation will be shown next to the “This device is not managed” text

Validating Device Enrollment (via Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center)

To validate the Enrollment, perform the following steps on a computer connected to the internet:

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