Managing devices with Microsoft Endpoint Manager – Part 02

The first step in the device management is to have the correct licenses. In resume, you want a license that will allow you to manage a device via Intune as well as the data you create in the Office applications and save into the OneDrive / Sharepoint online. Depending on the subscription you choose, you have more (or less) features available that you can enabled.

The subscription you need are the Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security and each one comes with many “flavours”. the Office 365 can be bought in Enterprise E1, E3 or E5 and the Enterprise Mobility + Security in “only” two flavours: E3 or E5. As you can imagine, the E5 includes all the features you can enable, and are the most expensives ones. There are also other subsriptions options, like the Microsoft 365 (that incorporate the Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security) and include other features as well.

For a comparison of the features (and prices) available in each of the subscriptions, check out the below links:

But when you are trying out, you don’t want to buy the subscriptions, instead, you want to “test” it out. Microsoft allows you to have a trial fully functional version for 30 days that allows you to test every single functionality and when it expires, you can opt to buy licenses.

The first step you have set up is an Office 365 subscription. This is required to perform the tests that require e-mail and Office applications as well as create the initial Azure Active Directory.

To create a new Office 365 subscription, perform the following steps on a computer connected to the internet:

  1. Open a browser and navigate to and click on the try for free button under the Office 365 Enterprise E3 license type
  2. Fill up the Sign-up form and confirm the creation of the Subscription.

Be careful when you choose the name, the name cannot be changed

Once you have set up for Office 365 subscription, you will need to create an Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 subscription. This is required to add Intune and authentication security to our environment, such as Multi-Factor Authentication.

To create a new Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 Trial subscription, perform the following steps on a computer connected to the internet:

  1. Open a browser and navigate to
  2. Click All Services and select Azure Active Directory
  3. Under Azure Active Directory, click Getting Started
  4. Under Getting started with Azure AD, click Get a free trial for Azure AD Premium
  5. On Activate, under Enterprise Mobility + Security E5, click Free trial
  6. On Activate Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 trial, click Activate

Once the trial has been activated, it may take some time to be fully activated. You can check it following the below steps:

  1. On a browser and navigate to
  2. Click Tenant administration
  3. Under tenant administration -> Tenant status, confirm the MDM authority is set to Microsoft Intune and Account status is set to Active. If you see anything diferent, or that you don’t have access, you need to wait a little longer.

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