Getting Started with CloudLAPS

With CloudLAPS, we’re able to securely manage our local administrator password on each computer. CloudLAPS regularly cycles the local administrator password on target devices with a strong, unique credential. It is deployed via Intune (MSIntune) through the use of Proactive Remediations in Endpoint Analytics.

CloudLAPS is a community developed LAPS solution, maintained by Nickolaj Andersen from MSEndpointMgr including community members Thomas Kurth (@ThomasKurth_ch) and Simon Wåhlin (@SimonWahlin), aiming at providing an end-to-end local administrator password solution (LAPS) for cloud managed devices, e.g. Azure AD joined devices.

In this video, I walk through the documentation and demonstrate how to get started with CloudLAPS.

The following timestamps relate to the titles at…

1:51 – MSEndpointMgr docs
3:35 – Create Azure AD App Registration
4:51 – Deploy CloudLAPS to Azure
10:16 – Validate CloudLAPS Portal can be accessed
14:08 – Configure Proactive Remediation script
15:45 – Delegate access for administrators to portal

Issues with CloudLAPS? Post them here;…

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