Azure Arc to manage your on-prem servers

Azure Arc is a cloud management service that helps you manage your on-premises servers from Azure. Azure Arc provides the benefits of Azure, such as Azure Resource Manager templates and Azure Policy, to on-premises servers.

With Azure Arc, you can:

– Use Azure Resource Manager templates to deploy and manage on-premises resources

– Apply Azure Policy to on-premises resources

– Monitor compliance of on-premises resources with Azure Policy

– Get log data from on-premises resources in Azure Monitor

– Automate server management tasks using Azure Automation Runbooks

Azure Arc uses an agent-dependent architecture that requires you to install two agents on your servers. Azure Arc uses the Azure Resource Manager to connect to your on-premises resources and apply Azure management capabilities.

For more information on Azure Arc, see the following documentation:

Azure Arc overview – Azure Arc | Microsoft Docs

Plan and deploy Azure Arc-enabled servers – Azure Arc | Microsoft Docs

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